Thursday, 11 March 2010

How To Profit From Affiliate Programs

The beauty of the Internet is you can own your own business and
earn good money without spending much time at it. You don't have
to mind the store or keep office hours. You don't even have to
be there to answer the phone.

I've known any number of successful Internet entrepreneurs who
got started earning profits online while still working demanding
full-time jobs. Kevin Needham of became a major name
on the Web while still holding down his government job. The
media often tells the story of Jim Daniels who started his online
publishing empire while working as a middle-manager for a tech

Kevin Nunley was a DJ at an oldies station when his articles
started appearing on AOL. Superstar Internet biz person and tech
consultant Kate Schultz was a corporate manager when she
began posting her own ads online.

The moral of these stories is don't let your busy life stand in
the way of your desire to earn extra money or even a good living
online. The Internet will bend, twist, and adapt for you more
than any other kind of business.

But you have to go at it the right way or you will wind up
spending way more time and money than you intended. Here is a
simple plan to get you earning online while working at it just 10
to 20 minutes each day.

1. Choose your affiliate program wisely. You will want one main
program you can promote intensively. It is much easier to make
an impact with one good program you market heavily than spreading
yourself too thin over a dozen or more programs.

Right now affiliates report their biggest earners are information
products that tell affiliate program members and others how to
earn better profits. Ken Envoy's "Make Your Site Sell" course,
Corey Rudl's "Insider Secrets," and Jim Daniels' big "Make A
Living Online" are real winners in this category.

You can also do well working with a company that represents many
products and other affiliate programs. Check the many affiliate
products and services housed under the umbrella. features direct marketing services and ecommerce

2. Market to friends and associates using a simple signature
file in your email. This is dirt simple yet incredibly powerful.
Email messages have a very personal quality that sells. Your
email program will let you set this up.

Your sig file should start with a headline that tweaks the
reader's interest. Then follow with your web site address and
your autoresponder address (more on this later.) Here's what
your "sig" might look like.

I made $500 with this program last month. Want
to know more? See
or write to

3. Remember how I promised you would only have to work 10 to 20
minutes per day? The key to this is using the Internet's ability
to automate tasks.

No question about it, you will want a series of canned email
messages you can send to people who are interested. Use a
multiple autoresponder to do this ( is a good
one.) When someone emails your autoresponder address, they get
your messages, one each day.

Chances are the affiliate program offers sales letters you can
use. If not, get a professional writer to help you put together
three sales letters. A set of three often works as well as the
more common seven messages.

4. Finally, get your own web site. It is super easy to build a
nice page or two using the free systems at and

While most marketing on the Net is done with email, customers
expect you have a web site with additional information.
Rather than using the free site the affiliate program gives you,
create your own site. Your site can tell your story, help people
get to know you, tell why you support the affiliate product, then
link to your affiliate member site.

There are two reasons for this. Starting prospects with your own
site gives you a lot more power to sell. You can tell the story
of how you used the product and succeeded (very powerful!) and
display additional products or services that compliment your main
affiliate offer.

Most search engines won't list a canned affiliate site, but they
WILL list the original site you create. Search engines can be an
immense automated source of free visitors.

That's all it takes! Do these four things 10 to 20 minutes per
day and you will be well on your way to earning with affiliate

Recent stats show the average person spends 20 hours per week
online. If you get organized, there is no reason you can't use
at least a little of your weekly Internet time to work your own
small business.

About the Author

Keegan Michaels knows affiliate programs. He knows what to look
for and what pitfalls to avoid. Let him show you the roadmap to
affiliate profits. Contact him today at or 801-328-9006. Get Keegan's
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Monday, 22 February 2010

Learn How to Increase your Web Traffic

The Web traffic is a major part of a website. Websites are not able to function without it, as it is the amount of data and information received and sent by a website visitor. A website should have increased web traffic in order to survive. To increase the web traffic, a website should have many visitors.

How are you going to increase the web traffic of your web site? If you are a web developer or ecommerce owner, increasing the amount of visitors in your website is of extreme importance. For you to gain many visitors, you need to use the following methods to learn more about increasing the traffic of your website.

• You only need to maintain a particular content of your website. Your website should contain all the information your visitors need. The information you should feed your reader must contain many links to your website. You also have to put quality content to give your visitors reason to come back.

• Have a regular distribution of newsletters. Newsletter serves as a reminder to your visitors that your website still exists. You should send newsletters especially to those who have subscribed but has failed to visit your site for a long time. Write and send newsletters on a regular basis. It can be monthly or weekly as long as the newsletter you will be sending to your subscribers is of quality and has convincing content.

• Make a forum or community posts. This will give you information to all the asked questions of your visitors. Not only that, it also answers all the questions of your visitors including yours. It also gives you information that you can add to your website. Get your self involved in the forum, and add your advertisements as well as your URL.

• You can run contests or promos that will encourage your visitors to log on to your website repeatedly. Promos and contests will catch the interest of your visitors. Make them go after your good prize; it will make them excited to win. You should make your visitors aware of your rules, like the most times that a visitor uses your website, the more chances of winning. This catchy promotion will absolutely increase the web traffic of your website.

• Invite good writers to your website. From writing your own web contents, you are sure to save money from it. However, there are things you need to master before you can write a quality article. By inviting writers with good reputation, your site will be a good hit to the visitors especially to the ones who appreciate good insightful literature. They are going to write quality articles that will make your visitors comeback to your website.

• You can also invite special personalities in your website. They can join the forum together with all your visitors. You can hold a special event where your visitors will be given a chance to chat with a prestigious personality. They are given special privilege to ask questions and chat with the special personality invited.

• Advertise your website through banners, text links, magazines, newspapers, media and offline advertisements. This is an invitation that should catch the attention. Make sure to make convincing advertisements. Aside from the mentioned above you can also try giving away free e-books or articles as well as classified ads.

• You can also give the top visitors free items or freebies. These items are given to the frequent visitors of your website. Pens, shirts, stress balls and many others that can be given with your website’s name and URL. This will be a good advertisement.

To build a good website, you must build a good reputation. It is the most effective way to make your website famous. This is attained through writing emails and making good contents of your website. You can also write articles on other websites as long as you put a small resource box after your article. This will serve as the link to your website. With more articles you made, the more chance of getting more traffic in your website.

You are able to get the major numbers of traffic in your website by using the following methods. If you want to earn money, you have to work for it, and you need to do lots of effort to attain effective and positive popularity of your website.

Monday, 28 September 2009


Paypal is the dominant payment processor on the internet today. It is hard to go just two sites now without finding someone who accepts this as a form of payment, it has made buying things dangerously easy! So how do you flip the coin and make money using PayPal?

There are a few different options, let's look at each in turn:


Blogging is the act of setting up a website with a blog installed on it (or using one of the free versions that host it for you) which enables you to quickly post your thoughts/articles online whenever you want.

The reason this has become so popular is because it takes away almost all of the technical aspects of creating a site (depending how much you want to customise you site). So a blog can now be installed with just a few clicks and then all posts made with a few clicks.

To make money using PayPal and your blog then you can either sell services, like doing reviews for people, maybe writing articles for them, or try affiliate marketing or even selling your own books through the blog. The blog is the way you advertise to people so that as they are drawn to the content on your blog they get to see your adverts for the other items and may buy.

Affiliate marketing:

This is the art of getting people to visit a specific site using your link. You place links on your blog to sites that you want to make money from and get people to click through those links and visit the sites, if they then buy something you get a percentage of that sale.

Most affiliate schemes pay by cheque or direct bank deposit, but pays straight into your PayPal account!

An ecommerce store:

The barriers to entry on the internet are very low, so anyone can open a store now and start to sell items online without much capital invested.

Pick yourself a niche, find somewhere to get stock from (you could even dropship things where you take payment for an item and then pay another company some of that money and they ship the goods straight to the customer for you), get your website setup and start to get people to it who will hopefully buy something!

If you decide to do this then you can use PayPal as your main method of payment and get instant cash sent to you every time you make a sale.

These are just the top three methods I have touched upon, there are many more ways to make money using PayPal. I have reviewed the top 3 products which teach you exactly how to start making money online, click here to see the reviews.

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Wednesday, 26 August 2009


Traffic exchange refers to the new concept of exchanging your visitors with others and thereby building traffic for yours as well as for others. In simpler terms there are websites where your can post your URL and this URL is displayed on others website, and similarly you get to display others address in your site. This is done such that visitors can be exchanged with others. This helps in increasing traffic to your own website and bringing in more traffic.

Traffic exchange is relatively a new concept. When one registers his or her website with a traffic exchange site, then his or her website address appears as a separate windows in others site. Similarly others site would appear as a separate window while one own website is opened. The idea behind this is that the visitors to one site also start visiting others and vice versa, this ensures increased viewer ship and increased traffic. This is a kind of promotional activity where one website owner helps the other and vice versa. There are lots of people who can benefit from the traffic exchange programs, some of the people who benefit from the program are people who sell and market products on the Internet. Ezines publishers, who want more viewer ship for their newsletter, also prefer the websites with the feature of traffic exchange. Affiliates of other websites who would more payment for through their advertisement.

There are several websites, which offer traffic exchange. The various advantages of these online Traffic exchangers are ensure more traffic, increase viewership, the registered member website appear in others as unobtrusive as possible, such that it doesn?t cause irritation, the website giving the most referrals are remunerated when their own website is advertised more in others site; this ensures more traffic for the site owner. The traffic exchanger also provides websites with targeted visitors, for example if a site is promoting products only for pets, then the site is advertised in other sites which are related to pets like that of vets site, pet food site etc. Hence, the particular site gets more referrals from the targeted visitors. Traffic networking has grown to a large extent in the recent years, and is one of the effective manner of promoting online goods and many online newsletter.

When a product is sold online, it needs promotion and advertisements like another products, other than advertising online; Traffic exchange is a cost effective and easier way to promote the product. One of the most popular Traffic exchange site is that the Free Traffic exchange. The members don?t have to pay money to register their websites, but they have to advertise others site in theirs, it is one form of referral and advertisement. There has been a beeline to these Free Traffic exchange program. It guarantees increased traffic and at the same time the registration is free. When a website promotes a related website, the viewer ship for the other site also grows and the host website is rewarded when their own site is promoted in others and hence there is an increase in viewer ship and traffic.

Thus Traffic exchange is the most remunerative and effective manner of promoting ones website and hence promoting products which are sold online. There are many instances when sales of products have increased with the help of Traffic exchange. Free Traffic exchange sites are a novel concept which does not cost anything for registration, except that he gets an opportunity to advertise related sites on his own website. Hence if you are some one selling products online then try Traffic exchange.

Traffic exchange olso work to promote your affiliate program, for referral building, and other website that need traffic or online promotion

Monday, 27 July 2009


Here are some tips to make money online with PTC and Matrix freely

first, you have to make a verivied paypal account, if you allready have go to step two: else click the banner bellow to make it:

Sign up for PayPal and start accepting credit card payments instantly.

second, you must join two paying PTC site as you see bellow, click the banner if you want to register the site:

make sure to click each advertisement of each PTC everyday, so you can collect your free money.

third, after your money reach a minimum cashout, you have to request payment from each PTC, so if you join 5 PTC site you will collect about $10, after that you can join the matrix program as you see below:

- JPHF MATRIX : you can join this matrix program for $3 on one time payment, you have a chance to earn about $130,510.68 if you can refer 9 poeple to join this matrix program as your dowline. ( click banner below to join) :

fourth, promote the program on internet.

ok. you may try this tips, good luck

Wednesday, 24 June 2009


ClickBank has a arresting associate program. ClickBank is both a transaction processor and an associate network. ClickBank is an associate affairs administrator as well, and it is actual simple to assurance up as an associate with them. All you charge is to annals with ClickBank, it does not amount one penny, and is accessible to websites amid in any allotment if the world.
Affiliates can acquire anywhere from 5% to 50% agency on sales of products. This is abased aloft what they hotlink to. There are hundred of merchants to accept from with over 10,000 articles and services. There are absolutely alcove merchants aural ClickBank.
Linking to a ClickBank merchant has it advantages; such as you apperceive you will be accustomed for all sales that go through the ClickBank arrangement as the tracking is automatic as allotment of the transaction processing. One annual of bond to ClickBank is that you will accept acclaim if the chump doesn't buy immediately. What this agency is that if the chump comes from your hotlink and decides not to buy, but changes his apperception afterwards and purchases, you will accept the acclaim on the commission, no amount how he got aback to the site. This is controlled by cookies, which are maintained for 90 canicule afterwards the antecedent click-through.
Once you accompany you will baddest a nickname, afterwards that allotment is complete you will browse through the ClickBank Marketplace to baddest articles to advertise as an affiliate. ClickBank will accommodate you with the URL for anniversary affairs application your nickname.
The added advantage is to use ClickBank as a merchant.
As a merchant (vendor or seller) you can set up an annual for a ancient fee. ClickBank let's you set up a sales and acknowledgment page and annual that in their database. Afterwards they accept accustomed your pages, you can set a amount and presto ... you've got an associate affairs running. ClickBank checks and pays your associate sales. And they will annual you in their Market Place.
ClickBank associate affairs is not bound to humans aural the United States, however, transaction are issued in US dollars and mailed every two weeks. You will aswell accept an email every time a transaction is fabricated through your referral. Real-time sales letters are accessible for your analysis 24 hours a day. You will not charge a merchant annual for this program. ClickBank advance all visitors from your link, and again the agency is accustomed already an adjustment is placed and accepted.
ClickBank has a lot of articles you can advertise as an affiliate, and you should be able to accomplish a advantageous assets from it. Remember you will charge to put alternating some accomplishment if you apprehend any blazon of results.
The best way to aerate your accumulation at Clickbank's articles is to actualize your own Clickbank Mall to CBJunction.Com because CBJunction automatically retrieve abstracts from Clickbank Marketplace and you can automatically use all of the articles into one website CBJunction.Com for FREE or acquirement it to us.

Sunday, 3 May 2009


If you eager to start earning money online, there are some steps to do before you run online business.

First, you must have a good computer that can access the internet every time you need it. Remember, everything that you do involving your business will have to do with your computer. To get on the internet you will need your computer. The same goes with filling orders, tracking orders, and invoicing. Without a top quality, reliable computer, you will never be able to run a successful internet business.

Second, you must have an online transaction account , so you can make an online payment and get paid online with only use your email address. The example of such account is paypal..

PayPal is the safer, easier way to pay and get paid online. The service allows anyone to pay in any way they prefer, including through credit cards, bank accounts, buyer credit or account balances, without sharing financial information.

Sign up to PayPal : Click the Banner Below.

Sign up for PayPal and start accepting credit card payments instantly.

You also can use alertpay, liberty, e-gold, etc.

Third, choose your kind of online business. There are many kind of online business that can earning money online, if you have a product you can sell it online and can promote word widely. If you have no product to sell, you can still earn money online and reach your goal to gain financial freedom as you wish. Here are the example of online business that can give you online money:

1.Affiliate program

This basically refer to selling other people’s product in return for a comminssion. This is probably the fastest way you can get started earning money online. Join several affiliate program and start earning money

Here is an example of affiliate program that you can join, Click the banner bellow:

google paid

2.PTC site

Paid to Click or PTC websites are the easiest way to earn money online. These websites let you make money without extra effort, require no skills, and are free. All you have to do is click a few ads, read a few mails or complete a few surveys. Many paid to click websites require you to click on an ad and view it for about 30 seconds to get paid. When your account balance reaches the minimum payout value, you can request for a payout. Payments are generally made to a PayPal or AlertPay account. Staying active in a number of these programs lets you earn steady and regular online income. However, due to the boom in PTC industry, there are more scams out there than genuine sites.

3. Online Forex Trading

Forex is a potential platform for earning substantial profit. And, why not? It is the largest market of the world having an average daily trade of US$ 2 trillion and above. The market is known for its high scale trading volume and extreme liquidity. Add to this, forex trading can be done from anywhere of the world. This has been further backed up by World Wide Web through which a trader can trade in the forex market at the comfort of your own home. And we call this online forex trading.

The most popular online platform for forex trading is eToro. eToro has revolutionized the interface of forex trading and replaced complex tables and graphs with visual representations of trades which make trading easily comprehensible even to people who know nothing about forex. eToro appeals to all traders, from professionals in the field to traders who have merely been curious about forex trading and the world of finance up until our forex affiliates referred them to eToro.

There are many other way to earning money online beside that have mention above. You can searching by yourself on the internet. Starting an internet business online to earn money online does not have to be a difficult task. Every year people take on this task, and every year there are people that turn their business into a success. If you are organized from the beginning, and know exactly what you want, you should not have any problems getting started. There is nothing holding you back, get started today!